Upper School Expectations


(Details for students entering grade 6)


As newly promoted upper school students, it is imperative to read the information below in order to become acclimated with the Single School Culture and upper school academy expectations.



  • Navy Blue Collared Shirt
  • Khaki Pants
  • Upper School ladies may wear a khaki shirt or jumper with a skirt length no higher than four inches above the knee
  • Shirts are to be solid color only (no prints, stripes or logos)
  • In cold weather, upper school students are permitted to wear a navy blue sweater or HOODLESS sweatshirt
  • NO HOODIES are permitted in school and will be confiscated if worn in class
  • Closed toes shoes are required
  • Students may not wear hats, gloves, scarves or headscarves



  • Navy Blue T-Shirt
  • Gray Sweatpants
  • Sneakers
  • White athletic socks

If a student is not in their gym uniform, they will not be allowed to participate in the Physical Education class and they will lose participation points of their grade.



Upper School students are welcomed to have breakfast and use the restrooms prior to 8:30am.  At 8:30am, student will line up in the schoolyard (or in the girls’ cafeteria during inclement weather) and will be escorted to the third floor.

Students will have the first 5 minutes of advisory to go to their lockers, unpack and gather all materials needed for morning instruction.  Students will NOT be allowed to go to their lockers after advisory.

Students will have the first 5 minutes of their lunch period to return to their lockers and use the restrooms. It is imperative the students prepare all materials needed for afternoon instruction, as they will only have enough time to gather their materials prior to the hallway sweep after lunch.

Upper School students are dismissed at 3:05pm each day.



The Sixth grade teachers will be available for after-school tutoring several days throughout the week.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, a note from the parent/guardian must be written in the student agenda granting the student permission as well as explaining how the student will travel home.  Please note separate arrangements must be made for younger siblings.

Mrs. Davis is available for tutoring on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 3:15 – 4:30. 



Upper School students are provided a locker to store their belongings.  A Master Lock (combination lock, no key entry) is required.  All students are expected to have their own lock.  Locker sharing will not be allowed.



In compliance with our Single School Culture and AVID school wide implementation, all sixth grade students are expected to have all school supplies noted by Monday, September 10, 2012.  Please note that some of the supplies will be collected and used for community lessons and projects. The list of supplies provided has been created to promote success in all Upper School Classrooms.

BINDERS: Students will be given lessons on the proper formatting of their binders and frequent binder checks will be conducted.  Binder checks and being prepared for class will count towards the participation grade in each subject.



Homework is assigned each night and due the following day unless otherwise noted.  Homework assignments are to by written in the student agenda book each day at the start of the period.  Assignments can also be found on our grade website by visiting http://cooke6.educatorpages.com .  Parents, please sign the agenda book each night verifying that your child has completed his/her homework.