6 Weeks Objectives

6 Weeks: 5th

Unit: Planet Earth

Subunit: Climate

TLW learn and understand how climate is affected on the planet by exploring different scenarios and climate conditions over differing regions of the planet.  Abnormal weather patterns, such as El Nino and La Nina,  will also be explored.


Unit: Life Science

Subunit: Interdependence among living things

TLW learn about how the organ systems of our bodies work together to keep us alive and allow us to go about our daily lives.  In addition, we will learn how animals interact with their surroundings, and the symbiotic relationships involved.

Unit: Life Science

Subunit: Change over time

TLW how plants and animals have adapted to survive over time.  We will explore the idea of genetic mutation, and how this has caused a progression in life forms from the ancient epochs to today.