Classroom Policies

8th Grade Science Classroom Policies 

The eighth grade Science teachers look forward to exploring the world of Science with you this year. Here is some information you will need to make your year successful.
  1.  ENTER AND STAY POLICY: Once you enter the classroom, you must stay until the teacher dismisses you. Please enter the classroom appropriately and be prepared to work with courtesy and good manners.
  2. COME PREPARED: It is your responsibility to make sure you have the needed supplies to participate in the classroom everyday.
  3. TARDY: You must be in the room when the bell rings to avoid receiving a “tardy ticket”.   Please have your pencil sharpened prior to the bell ringing.
  4. DISMISSAL: The bell is just a reminder that class is over. The teacher will make sure the room is clean, and then dismiss you to your next class. When you are dismissed, you should exit the room appropriately.
  5. ABSENCES: We realize that you may be out from time to time. It becomes your responsibility when you return to get any missing work you may have. Check with your teacher to receive any missed daily work, homework, etc.   As per district policy you will have as many days as you were absent to complete and turn in this work. For example, if you were out 3 days, then you will have 3 days to complete the work. Tests will be completed during tutorials. 
  6. WARM-UPS: You are expected to start working when you enter the classroom. You will first write down the objective and homework assignment into your planner (time tracker), and then start on your warm-up. Be sure to follow directions. Warm-ups are taken as a daily grade.
  7. TUTORIALS: Monday or Wednesday from 2:40 p.m.-3:10 p.m.  Students may leave immediately following tutorials, attend study hall or if needed attend another teacher’s tutorials (with the appropriate pass from that teacher stating this).
  8. GRADES: Major grades are worth 50% of your final grade. This
includes tests, projects, and most labs. Daily grades are worth 50% of your final grade; this includes class work and homework. APPROPRIATE CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR IS ALWAYS EXPECTED!