Exam # 1 Review

1. List and briefly describe the four fundamental assumptions of free-market economics.

2.List the three courses of action open to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) once it has determined an ad is deceptive or unfair.

3. The advertising business has evolved into four distinct groups. List them.

4. What are the two categories of media available to the international advertiser?

5. What are the two steps that make up the market segmentation process?

6. List the four variables used in behavioristic segmentation.

7. List in order the four major stages in the product life cycle.

8. List the two basic types of distribution.

9. What are the two types of perceptual screens consumers use?

10. What are the two broad categories of learning theories?

11. What are the three positively originated (transformational) motives?

12. List the five basic steps in the marketing research process.

13. What three basic research methods are used to collect quantitative data?

14. What are the three important attributes that make survey questions their most effective?

15. What are the four types of questions most commonly used in surveys?


Exam # 1 Questions

90 Multiple Choice

22 Short Answer

Time limit : 2 Hours 

 Exam Date : Thursday June 9th 

Exam Time : 1:00pm-3:00pm