Supplies for 2011-2012

Students need the following materials:(due by Friday, September 10th)

1.  Blue or black ink pens for written work

2.  Red pens for correcting

3.  #2 pencils for testing and map making

4.  Set of 12 colored pencils (crayons or colored felt tip markers are also helpful)

5.  A small pencil sharpener (only kind you can use during class)

6.  Set of different colored highlighters including blue, yellow, pink and green (for writing program)

7.  Two 3 ring binders (1 ½ inch) with a clear pocket in the front to hold a cover for Language Arts and History

8. One 3 ring binder (1 inch) with a clear pocket for novel study.

9.  Student agenda (Sutter provides)

10.  8 ½” by 11” binder paper

11.  Glue stick(s)

12.  Scissors

13.  Small stapler and staples

15.  ½ inch 3 ring binder with clear front pocket for Language Arts

16.   One spiral, 3 hole punched, lined notebook for warm up activities

17.  Tabs to divide sections of binders (7)

18. Box of clear sheet protectors

19. 2 Booksocks for History and Language Arts books(large)

If you wish to donate supplies to the classroom, the following is a list of much needed items:
* red pens
* clear sheet protectors
* scissors
* pencils
* stapler
* scotch tape
* colored markers
* white board markers
* sharpies
* tissues
* chlorox wipes