I want all students to be successful in my classes. I realize students learn
differently and in different time frames. I feel that as long as a student
gives a good effort, they will be successful in my class!


Dear Parents:

As we begin a new year at Benny Russell I am looking forward to having a wonderful experience with you this year. Thank you for entrusting me with your precious child. It is my hope that our classroom environment will be a pleasant one, filled with rich experiences, challenging projects, lasting friendships and that your child enjoys coming to school each and every day!In order to accomplish this task, I feel it particularly important to maintain a year of classroom evolvement with you the parents. You will be the first to know how your child is doing, whether your child is enjoying school, whether your child needs special attention in a specific subject, or whether your child’s relationship with a friend is cause for concern. My commitment to your child is genuine and our interaction is essential to your child’s education, both academically and behaviorally. Thank you for being an advocate for your child’s education!

My goals for my students are:

·        To build a positive self-concept within each child, and help them have a positive feeling about school 

·        To motivate each child to learn

·        To reach common goals

·        To work through difficulties that may arise

·        To see that each child reaches his/her potential 

·        To give opportunities to all students to gain knowledge, develop creativity, develop organizational and management strategies, and become responsible for his or her own actions and choices. 


Consider Volunteering!


You will leave a lasting impression on your own child. It's one we all want to instill: education is important. When your child sees you giving up time to help at school, the message is loud and clear: Mom and Dad think this whole school thing is important enough to take action on it. That impression can cause astounding changes in motivation. Your child will have no doubt about your priorities! You will also discover whole new facets of your child's life. As a school volunteer, you'll meet people that your child spends most of his or her waking hours with. Volunteer in class and come away knowing more about your child's friends, school administrators and teachers! This will open those important doors for communication.