8th Period Algebra 3

Classroom Assignments


Hopefully we will all be able to stay a little more organized with the help of this website! Assignments placed in the calendar that are printed in black font are what was practiced in class that very day. As long as that particular assignment has not been returned to the class, the black assignment is available to complete. Once that assignment has been returned to the class, a red X will be placed next to the black assignment. You will then need to complete the alternate assignment for that particular day, which will be listed below it, in red.

Grades for the previous week will be posted by student ID number on Mondays. Any assignment (zeros) not turned in by the end of the day on Friday will be docked 25 points. Any assignment not turned in by the end of the following Friday will be docked an additional 25 points. I am available 4th, 5th, 9th, and a few minutes before and after school to help you in addition to your scheduled classtime. All you need to do is ask for help.

If you have special circumstances due to illness/school activities/etc., we will discuss an appropriate amount of time to turn in missing work.

4 5 6

7 - G

Worksheet -

Matrix Mul. Inverse

8 - H


Add/Mul  Identity/Inverse


11 12 13 14



18 19 20 21 22
25 26 27 28  



14th - A


XPg. 60 #5-9

do long div

Pg. 60 #17-22

do long division

15th - A (cont.)


Finish assignment

from 1/14

16th - B


XPg. 60 #6,8,10,12,14

do syn div

Pg. 60 #14-26 evens

do synthetic division



Snow Day


18th - C


Matrix Packet - Addition

and Subtraction (with





22nd - C (cont.)

Finish Matrix Packet

23rd - D

Multiply Matrices Packet


Continue Matrix

Multiplication Pack



Catch up day

29th - E

10 Question Review

30th - F

10 Question Review #2