Developmentally Appropriate Strategies to Meet the Challenge at Home

3 Lessons/Activities to use at home for parents:

1. Parent/child socializing time.

- Parents and children can have an allotted time to spend on what the child is learning and if there is any struggle to what they are performing in the class. This can lead to the child telling his/her parents if they are struggling and how they can overcome the struggles that they are having. 

2. Family games.

- By having the family get together and go to the park to play games, or to even have them played at home, the child can become more comfortable with playing games in front of others. They can also learn that it is ok to not know how to do something. 

3. Feedback practice.

- While the parents and child are doing anything, have the parent give positive feedback. By doing this daily, the child will become more confident in the things that he/she is doing. Therefore, he/she will be more willing to participate in things more often.