Developmentally Appropriate Strategies to Meet the Challenge at School

3 Lessons/Activities to use in the classroom to support the student:

1. Given time to interact with others. 

- This will give the students a chance to talk amongst their peers. They can do this while they are running a lap, stretching, and/or warming up. 

2. Provide positive reinforcement training.

- This will be done by having the students practice activities during the skills section and having the rest of the class be positive about how the skill was done. For example, if John Do kicked a ball towards a goal, but it missed, the students wouldn't comment on the miss, they would comment on the strength of the kick, the form of the kick, or just the overall technique. 

3. Buddy System

- By using a buddy system, each student will be able to have someone that they can talk to during the lesson and have them provide motivation to perform the activity. The buddy system can also have a journal assignment at the end of each week to list out what he/she thinks the other person can improve on. This would be given to the teacher only so that no one can see what others say about them.