Keeping Track of Progress

In order to make sure that each student who acts out is becoming a more effective students, the teacher can implement a tally card for the student. Every time the student acts out, the teacher can mark one line on in the corresponding box on the card. This can then be checked daily, weekly or even monthly, depending on the positive feedback that the teacher is receiving.

When it comes to having parent/teacher conferences, the tally cards can come into play to show the parents how the students/child is doing in the class. This can be effective because it shows the parents that you are keeping track of their child and that you are trying to help them improve.

The teacher can also show the students their tally cards if the student(s) ask to see them at the end of the week. This can have a greater effect in how the student is doing, because they are able to monitor their own progress and see where they need to improve on.