The Disruptive/Non-Participating Student(s)


This website will contain information that pertains to the learning and understanding of how to improve classrooms. We as teachers are very influential and can help guide many students to become successful young men and women. As teachers, we are on the front lines of the educational setting. We are important, masters of our craft, that influence the children/students we have. It is up to us to make sure that we are providing each and every student with the knowledge to become successful in and outside of the classroom. While there my be times that students struggle to understand the material that we place in front of them, it is for us to learn how to adjust our teaching to fit their needs. Too often we have students that act out in the classroom. They are either talking excessively, or just unwilling to participate in the lesson/activity that is taking place. This is a common problem that exists in every classroom and it is up to us to look deeper into it to find the solution.