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Yuyao Kerry plastic Product factory CO.,Ltd.

Why choose us?

1) Customization: We have professional R&D team, can develop and produce products according to customer’s drawing or sample.

2) Cost: Factory direct sales, good quality and low price;

3) Quality: We have our own mechanical equipment to ensure that there are no scratches or damages;

4) Diversity: We can produce a variety of raw materials, including PS, PP, AS and other raw materials;

5) Capacity: Our annual output exceeds more than 20 million, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes;

6) Service: We strive to improve the quality of our products and try our best to meet all the requirements of our guests. Our products are mainly exported to Israel, the United States and other regions.

7) Transportation: We are only 110 kilometers away from Beilun Port, and the exit is very convenient.

Our products:Spring onion powder bottle,Eye shadow box and Gel bottle.