Welcome to Mr. Cotabarren French class


Dear parents,

 I would like to welcome you and your child to the exciting french beginning class for the gifted.  I am very happy to meet the students and begin a year full of enriched learning. One of my goals is to encourage students to become cooperative learners  exchanging ideas and solutions as a  member of a creative and productive team.  I am committed to help your child expand upon on his/her strengths, as well as develop skills to overcome challenges. I am invested in your child being successful academically, socially, and, emotionally. I use a variety of strategies to address students’ needs. 

Academically, we are going to develop vocabulary, writing and speaking skills in context and discover the french culture. Students will have the opportunity to engage in creative assignments such as  projects and hands on activities that go above and beyond the standards. We will use french songs to discuss the french lifestyle and the differences between the cultures. I will motivate the students to express their opinions and ideas in order to understand and respect distinct social, cultural habits.

I encourage and expect students to be respectful of themselves as well as others. I foster a classroom environment that recognizes and rewards for making positive choices. When problems or issues arise, I encourage students to apply conflict resolution skills.

I anticipate a successful school year marked by a great deal of learning and progress