Counseling Program

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Jeter Primary School is to provide effective programs that will encourage students to reach their greatest potential academically, physically, emotionally, and socially. Our goal is to meet the needs of students by recognizing individual abilities and learning styles. We encourage positive interaction among our students, teachers, parents, and the community. Our commitment as professional educators is to  invite each student to become his or her best as a contributing citizen in our society.

Counselor Goals

  • Promoting growth toward self, others, family, and community
  • Motivation for success in school
  • Maintain high expextations for all students
  • Promote academic achievement, and behavioral success by working with teachers, students, parents, and the community to create the best learning environment for each individual student.
  • Promote students' emotional well-being and physical/mental development
  • Provide for the needs of diversity and encourage understanding of diversity
  • Exploration of alternatives, future educational opportunties, and realization of consequences
  • Consult with all stakeholders including: parents, community leaders, community agencies, teachers, etc. about children concerns and interests
  • Advocate the rights of all students within the school


  • School counsleors are held to the same strict confidentially standards as other professional counselors. Issues shared in a student/parent counseling session will remain confidential except for the following reasons. If someone is harmful to self, to others, someone else, a victim of child abuse or neglect, court odered by a judge, and if an elderly adult is in the home and is a victim of abuse or neglect, it will be reported to the proper authories.