Guidance Curriculum

Guidance Counseling Services Offered

  • Classroom Guidance
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Referrals from Parents or Teachers

Elementary Guidance Curriculum

  • Second Step Curriculum (a research based program) is taught in grades Pre-K -fifth in Opelika City Schools. It helps to develop, and practice positive social skills. Children learn about feelings and ways to show understanding and caring toward others. Children learn how to solve problems and practice skills such as calming down, apologizing, interrupting postively, and making new friends. They also learn about conflict resoltion, anger management,  and positive behavior. Each lesson build upon skills presented in previous lessons.

Character Education

  • The Opelika City Schools has also implemented a character education program that is a systemwide and community wide program.
  • Each week students' will learn a new character education word that will be intergrated into the curriculum by teachers,counselors, librarians, and all support staff.
  • Every morning the character education word will be defined over the intercom along with famous quotes that demonstrate meaning of the words.
  • A child from each class will be chosen as a part of Character Spotlight for each month and a newsletter will go home to parents to explain each word.
  • Each charcter trait will displayed in the city of Opelika monthly and on a bullentin board in the school.

Teacher Requests are also honored (example: bullying and tattling)