Classroom Expectations

Classroom Rules

  1. No talking while the teacher is speaking.
  2. Follow directions the first time given.
  3. Be respectful of others, their opinions, and property.
  4. Always raise your hand.

Classroom Cash    When students are following the classroom rules and/or generally behaving as they should, they can be rewarded with Classroom Cash.   At the end of each nineweeks, I open the Classroom Cash Store, at which time students can purchase goodies with their accumulated Classroom Cash. 

Marble Jar    While Classroom Cash is given to individual students who are behaving well, the marble jar rewards the class as a whole.  When the entire class is working well, following directions, etc., I will add marbels to the jar.  The better the class behaves, the more marbles it earns.  When the jar is full, the class earns a special prize, depending on the day that is gets full.

Verbal Praise     There is no substitute for a good, old-fashioned "Good job!"

Fun Friday    At the end of each nineweeks, all students who received minimal marks in their folders during that nine weeks are eligible to participate in Fun Friday.  On this day, students will rotate to staions  for a time of celebrating good classroom behavior.  

Competence     The ultimate result of good behavior and strong study habits is competence.  More important than classroom money, marbles, and verbal praise, the real reward for being "good" is learning new things!

Negative Reinforcement

Unfortunately, positive reinforcement is not always successful.  When students don't respond to the above strategies, the following steps are taken:

1.  Warning-move clip
2.  Classroom Cash /  Marbles taken away
3.  Folder Mark (15 min lost at recess for every mark)

4.  Note or call home to parents
5.  Sent to principal

A classroom level one write up will be given to students for major offenses such as fighting, disrespect, or consistent classroom misbehavior.  Students who receive a write up are not eligible to participate in that nine weeks' Fun Friday.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Courtney Plank