Updates & Reminders

Tuesday Folder

This folder will come home every Tuesday!  It will be filled with graded work (Mrs. Plank's homeroom will have graded work stapled together, so if the staple is missing...something has been removedFrown). There will also be important school announcements.  Most important in this folder will be the behavior log from the previous week.  Here Mrs. McGrath and I will note any misbehavior, including not turning in assignments.  If your child does receive a folder mark, please discuss with them the reason for the mark. This will open up a line of communication for the both of you, as well as showing your student that they are being held responsible for their behavior.  If there is still a question as to why the mark was received, please feel free to email either teacher!  Additionally, there is a box for your signature, just so Mrs. McGrath and I know you received all the information.