Welcome to Mr. Couvillion's Geography Classes! I teach World Geography (H/OL) and Human Geography (AP). I have been teaching at Madisonville High School for the past 3 years. This is my 4th year teaching. I have been teaching AP Human at Madisonville High for 2 years. In 2016 I was voted as Nighthawk of the Year, Teacher of the Year for Madisonville High. The award is voted upon by students. This website will be used as a crucial resource for students and parents alike to see which assignments are past due or upcoming. You can also see the dates of tests as well as the lesson plan for the week in each class. You can navigate by using the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Links / Logins

Throughout the year I will assign bookwork for students to do over the weekend to outline chapters that we will be working on in the future of just as an overnight homework assignment. If students do not want to carry around their books when they go home, they can instead use the online access code. The website to access this is myngconnect.com - USERNAME: studentwcg_stpsb - PASSWORD: sttammany - Students may instead use that option. In some regions of the world, I will assign projects in which we will watch a documentary in class. Students will then be assigned a topic for the project. The website used for the documentary is discoveryeducation.com - USERNAME: lhsstudent - PASSWORD: Titans2016 - that will be used in 3-4 regions of the world.

Tutoring / Makeups

I will be available for Tutoring and Makeups in the morning of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tutoring is also available by appointment in the afternoons. In contrast you may stay after class for tutoring and / or makeups on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 - 3:45. Students will ONLY be able to makeup a quiz or test if the absence is excused. Assignments that we did in class and / or homework will be excused if the absence is and will not need to be made up.

Late Policy

Students should have to turn in assignments ON TIME!! I should not accept late work, but I do. If you turn in work late though you will have to suffer a consequence. The consequence is a deduction of points. Each day the assignment, even homework, will have a certain percentage of points deducted. For each assignment 1 day late will be a 10% deduction, 2 days late is a 25% deduction, 3 days late is a 50% deduction, and 4 or more days late is 95% OFF!! But 5/100 is better than 0/100. So turning in the assignment late is the better idea.

About Me

My name is Sean Michael Couvillion. I am from southern Louisiana (Mandeville). I attended Mandeville High School for my HS Career. I intented to become a Politician or Physician, but during college I decided to change my mind. I spent 6 years at the Univeristy of New Orleans where I earned my Dual Degree for Geography and Secondary Education (7-12). I graduated from Mandeville at 17, then I graduated from UNO at 23. I then did my Student Internship / Student Teaching at Northshore High School. At 25 I completed my 2 year student teaching and got my first full job as a High School Teacher at Lakeshore High School where I initially taught World Geography I and World Geography II. After my first year at Lakeshore High School, I moved to Madisonville with my Wife Lexie and our Daughter Ava. We bought a house in downtown Madisonville and I got my job at Madisonville High School in 2015. At my first year at Madisonville, I taught World Geography I and II as well. During my past 2 years at Lakeshore and Madisonville, I had been completing my college teaching certificate from LSU. I got my certificate in the summer of '16. I then started teaching World Geography I and AP Human Geography in the 2016-2017 school year and hope to continue this path throughout the rest of my career.


If you ever need to contact me feel free to call the Madisonville High School office phone (985) 866 - 1036. You can also contact me VIA email at smcouvillion@yahoo.com I typically respond within 12-24 hours. Parents please DO NOT email me about a students homework assignment. They are free to email me aswell. I am more likely to respond during the same hour during 6th Hour which is from 12:50 - 1:42.