Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Honors Pre-Calculus! 

Honors Pre-Calculus is an exciting course. We finish our study of linear and quadratic equations and use this knowledge on higher order polynomials.  We will learn how changing an equation of a function will change the graph of the equation. We'll continue our study of trigonometry and solve many practical problems.  We'll solve problems ranging from navigational to aeronautical to architectural in nature.  A thorough review of conic sections will occur during the year as will a study of polar coordinates, complex numbers, and exponential/logarithmic functions.

This course is fairly fast paced and reinforces already learned algebra concepts while building new skills for the eventual study of Calculus, which most students will take next year. At the end of the year students earning a solid B (85) will be recommended to take AP Calculus AB. Anyone earning below this cut-off will be recommended to take Honors Calculus.

The best way to succeed in the class will be to:

·      Always complete homework

·      Don’t miss class

·      Get help early and often

A student's grade will be determined by the following weighting: 50% from test average, 40% from quiz average, and 10% from homework/class participation. 

The best way to contact me is via email at: canderson@covenantschool.org.  The course website is http://covenantcalculus.educatorpages.com. This site will list the weekly homework assignments, dates for upcoming tests/quizzes, helpful links, and other useful information. I encourage both parents and students to take advantage of this information resource.

I am looking forward to our time together this year!

Yours truly, 


Colin Anderson