Subject Resources

LANGUAGE ARTS: Check out the graphic and semantic organizers (go to more.. to see a lot more!)  Site created by a teacher to preview literature. Really cute! Bring a story alive by combining reading, history and geography. (Need google earth) Practice analogies with a fast paced game! User friendly language arts site.  Grade level language arts practice using the smartboard. On-line quizzes.

MATH: Extensive web directory for K-6 This site is full of interactive lessons! Highly recommended. National Teachers of Mathematics interactives. One of the best math websites. Go to activities, then interactives.  Create a graph. User friendly.

SCIENCE:  User friendly site.  Interesting video clips on the latest science discoveries. Free registration to have access to all resources.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Web directory with many links. Student friendly website to learn about government.  3-D mapping. Take students on a virtual geologic field trip.
ART: In Creative Fun try the "Digi-Color". It works a lot like Smartboard pens! Looks like a lot of neat projects using math and art.