Commericial Resources

1.  Oxford Picture Dictionary: This product is available in 13 different languages with over 4,000 vocabulary words. Activities can be found on each page to immediately begin using these vocabulary words. Words are organized into topics for easy access and there are also story pages that develop these vocabulary words into actual sentences and influence reading skills.

2. ESL Flashcards: This product contains 24 seperate sets of flashcards divided into topics. These topics include everyday words based on action verbs, clothing, food, holidays, and more. These aid visual learners just as much as ELLs. There is a picture on the front and the word on the back. These can be used whole group or individually or even in partner work.

3. Let's Go Textbook: This product has listening tests, practice work, dialogues, pair work, and exercises. This product is good for any type of instruction whether it is whole group, individual, group work, or partners. It focuses on all aspects of language aquistition.

4. Language Tutor: This product is a card reader that has pictures along with text. Reading, vocabulary, and speech are all focused on with this product. This product guides visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Progress can be recorded and shown with this device which is a significant benefit when it comes to ELLs.

5. American Scences Video Series: This product is spilt into 7 different themes with over 300 common vocabulary words used. Grammar, speech, listening skills, and the English language are all demonstrated and taught in these videos. These videos are offered in a bilingual version and can be used for whole group use or indiviual use.