Picture/Clipart Resources

1. http://www.esl-kids.com/flashcards/flashcards.html- This websites has printable flashcards that can be made into an entire lesson or used as a quick transition or warmup. The flashcards are spilt into themes for easier access to find exactly what you need and to incorporate them into other content areas.

2.http://genkienglish.net/clipart.htm - This website has pictures with the words that go along with the pictures. It says you can use the pictures to make flashcards, but I feel you could also use the pictures to make matching games or worksheets. Another idea is to print out the pictures and have students complete a cloze form (fill in the blank) passage with these words.

3. http://www.funfonix.com/- This website has phonic worksheets that are targeted to ELL students because they all include pictures or clip art.

4. http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/- This website is full of clipart images to use in any way. Flashcards, worksheets, stories, etc could be made with these pictures or matching games too.

5. http://www.pppst.com/clipart.html- This website is another website full of all clipart but the pictures are categorized by topics. These pictures are especially useful to make posters because of the topics they are categorized into such as zodiac signs, holidays, and grammar.