Book/Text Resources

All of the I SPY books- These books are filled with pictures and although they may seem more like a game than reading, these are something ELLs can do as independent practice of vocabulary words. They have to read the words and find the object so they become familiar with words and what they are. Also, there are numberous I SPY books based on different topics/themes so they could be incorporated into other content areas.

Hop On Pop- This book has few words with very descriptive pictures. This book introduces the topic of phoneme substitution so this would be for more advanced ELL students who have already learned letter sounds and one syllable words. The practice of manipulating letter sounds to create new words is introduced.

Kipper's Book of Opposites- This book introduces the concepts of opposites that are displayed by pictures. This book is good for beginning ELL's to learn common words and their antynoms.

 ESL Activities for Every Month of the School year- This book is useful for teachers at a school. It provicdes worksheets and activities that are specific for ELL students and teaching how to use the language not just how to learn it.

Farmer George Plants a Nation-This book is specific to a history content lesson. It is a complete picture book about our first President George Washington and his life as a farmer. This is good for ELL's because they might not even know who George Washington is.