Word and Language Games

ESL Bingo:

Played like regular bingo with calling cards and chips however, the cards are pictures only for ELL's to hear the word and match it to the picture. This aids all multisensory learning styles. This could be used as whole group instruction involving all students just to refresh vocabulary words. Another way I envision this game being incorporated is through stations or centers. The kids would play this in a group as a station to practice vocabulary, listening skills, and speech skills.



Word for Word Phonics Game:

This game is played using beginning sounds, inflectional endings, medial sides, and digraphs. This game can be played in several ways. One way is individually where a student would time themselves using the timer and build as many words as possible and try to build more the next time. Another way is by partners or groups and competing with other students to build more words. I envision this game to be used again as an activitiy in centers or stations. Students could even play without using the timer. I also envision this game being used for content of reading, math, or science. I could have ELLs build words from those lessons to practice their spelling and language.