Resources for Word and Language Games Apples to Apples is also just another game that all students will love to play. However, ESL students will benefit from this game because the object of the game is to match one of your cards in your hand to the card that was flipped over. The cards are nouns or adjectives so you have to make comparisons. This also practices higher level thinking for ESL students about the English Language. - This website has matching games, word pairs, and quizzes for different topics of words. The topics though are based on grammar words such as homonyms, opposites, or tenses. I chose this website because it is a further in depth hands on activity for games based on words once the ELL student learns the words. This website has crosswords, close forms, sentence correction games, and matching games to practice vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. I chose this website becasue it has varying levels of difficulty in games and it focuses on the three basic concepts of learning the English language. This game called Word Up, is a board game like monoply or such that focuses on missing words, crossword clues, multiple choice, and spelling. I chose this game because it is a board game that will engage the child in education without them feeling as if they are learning. Scrabble is just a regular board game, however but having ESL students engage in this game they will practice spelling words of the English language in a fun and non threatening way. I chose this game because all students can play, so ESL students do not feel as if they are getting extra help, and above level students may be able to help ESL students.