TeLL Me More for Kids Software


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Progressive learning

Promotes pronunciation of speech

Promotes sentence structure

Encourages use of verbal practice

Promotes comprehension and listening skills

Learning Center for personalized lessons

Different levels of difficulty

How well I feel this software meets these goals and objectives:

I think this software seems to meet all it's goals and objectives listed. There are puzzles, word scrambles, karaoke, dialogues, and matching. The karaoke and dialogue encourage students to practice speech and use of the language outloud. All activities engage auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

Ways I can use this software in my own teaching:

I could use this software as a center or station for ELL learners to attend to practice speech or vocabulary. Also, if I notice a particular ELL having trouble with one specific concept more than the others I could give him/her extra practice during library time or independent reading time on this software.