Resources for Software

Curious George Learns Phonics

This software is not specifically for ESL students but it focuses on basic phonic skills which is exactly what a beginning ELL student would need to learn. The objectives of the software are to have children master letter sounds, comprehension, and word parts. I chose this because the concept is simple and put together with Curious George to be fun and entertaining. I feel younger children preK-first grade will be extremely enthusiastic about using this software.

English for Kids Box Set

This software has six different programs put into one and each one builds on the last one. The objectives of the box set is to educate and entertain, to teach children phonics all the way to creative writing. I chose this software because it has so many levels of learning the English language that it can suit all ELL students.

White Smoke

This software is what some may call "Spell Check" however it is much, much more. It checks sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and gives explanation of all errors. This may not be good for very beginning ELL students but once ELL students have progressed into forming sentences, this software can show them what they are doing wrong. I chose this because this is something students could use at home, or when the teacher is busy doing other things, and yet they still get an explanation of what is wrong, not just the error itself.

Story World

This software incorporates common children rhymes, songs, and stories. Although these may not be known by ELL students due to being from a different culture, it still makes learning English fun for them. The objectives of the software are to teach basic words such as colors, counting, and body parts. I chose this software because aside from learning English these students will be learning social aspects (popular stories, songs, and rhymes) as well as computer skills.

Vocabulary Builder

This software is focused on making learning English fun with pictures and games. The objectives of the software are to teach children basic words and phrases without making this a difficult and stressful concept. I chose this software because it is for beginning ELL students, and sometimes a teacher just doesn't know where to start.