ESOL Websites

1. This website includes vocabulary lists, games, puzzles, quizzes, stories, and videos. To use this with ELL's I might let them explore it to see what they choose to do on it this way I would be able to know how they learn best. The website offers games, videos, and quizzes which are all different styles of learning so by letting students choose I can make note of individual instruction for each child.

2. This website is full of games based on language, reading, and grammar topics. I would use this with ELL's by allowing them ot use these games during the specific lesson as extra practice while in the library, centers, or maybe even at home. I could have them play the game online at home and tell me what they liked about it the next day.

3. This website is an interactive educational site. Children can click on words and hear the correct pronunciation. This practices listening skills and gives the student the correct anunciation. There are also tests that can be taken. I would use this website during independent reading time. I would leave it up on a computer so if a student stumbles upon a word they do not know, they can listen to it on here.

4. This website has games that focus on vocabulary. ELL's can play matching games with picture cards and word cards. There are different topics so this is something I could incorporate into another content area such as science.

5. This website has games and activities for listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The website assumes the students have no knowledge of English which is a benefit because it can aid all levels of ESL students. Each part of the lessons build on the first part so it helps with progression in learning the language. When I teach, this is something I will have students do when we have library or computer lab time. There is a regular brain pop website, so all students could be using it and ESL students would feel included.