6th Grade Syllabus

Middle School


6th grade


Teacher: Clarissa Ramos

Year: 2009-2010



¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Welcome to Spanish class!


Spanish I begins the study of the Spanish Language, its culture, grammar and vocabulary. Students will spend the year working through the ¿Cómo te va? (verde) textbook.

Students will have in class assignments and regular homework activities from the ¿Cómo te va? workbook. Videos and listening activities will occur during class time. Spanish Listening Activities will be required. These are weekly one hour listening activities from radio, internet (mp3 audio files) and television sources. We will listen to Spanish radio during class.


Binder with TABS labeled, Syllabus, Journal, Tests, Quizzes, Handouts; markers; safety scissors; index cards for flashcards,


Tests and Projects:  25%

Quizzes: 15%

Homework and Class work: 30%

Participation: 25%

Binder Check: 5%


Test and Projects: There will be at least one (usually two) tests or projects per six weeks. Tests will cover an entire chapter. Tests will include grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Most tests will have written, oral and listening components.

Quizzes: Quizzes are given to encourage students to study regularly and to give the opportunity to assess their progress at timely intervals. These will be short assessments throughout the unit. Quizzes will cover one or two concepts rather than an entire chapter.

Homework and Class work: This assessment will include independent practice completed during class and homework. Late work will not be accepted! To teach responsibility and accountability, students are expected to turn in completed work on time. They will receive a late voucher each six weeks that they may use on one assignment. The voucher will allow a student to turn in a late assignment with a grade deduction of 15 points. They expire after the six weeks is over and do not rollover. See student’s voucher for further guidelines. 

Participation: Frequent practice is imperative to learning any language. Students are expected to actively participate during class activities. Students are expected to answer questions in Spanish at least three times a week (three checks = 100 two checks = 90 one Check = 80) Not speaking Spanish (speaking English) during group/partner practice activities will result in points deducted from their participation grades.

Binder Check: Students are expected to keep all graded material, notes, and handouts organized in their binder for at least each six weeks. This will allow you to see their work and



  1. Raise your hand to speak.
  2. Come to class prepared. Have materials.



Negative: If you choose to break the class or school rules, and of the following actions may be taken:

            1st offense – verbal/non-verbal warning

            2nd offense – sign discipline notebook

3rd offense – sign discipline notebook, communication to parent (phone call/email)

4th offense – DPS points

*Any severe disruption may result in immediate assigning of DPS points or a written referral.


Positive: If you follow the rules you can expect great things such as:

-          Verbal / Written praise

-          Positive communication to parents

-          More class time for games, music, videos and other fun activities

-          Surprises…