A bit about your teacher


Hello!  My name is Miss Heather Wagner.  I am a 2007 Bloomsburg University   Graduate and I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher.  Playing school and watching Ducktales with my younger sister, Megan, was not out of the ordinary at my house – we would even tape episodes! My inspiration came from a time in my life called second grade.  My teacher made me feel like I wasn’t smart enough to accomplish anything, as a result it was a really rough year.  In tears after school?  Hysterical before school?  Yes, and yes.  That was me time and time again.  I knew, even at that age, I had to become a teacher.  That way I can make sure that at least one teacher, myself, would never make any of her student’s feel horrible about themselves and afraid to go to school! 

For the past year I have been the Kindergarten teacher at Our Lady of the Angels Academy in Lansford.  It has been an extremely beneficial year for both my students and I.  I have found my niche in life and I am so fortunate, it was my absolute dream to become a teacher and here I am!  Now I’m just working on being the best teacher that I can be.  I couldn't be happier with myself.  I have accomplished so much within the last two years and it feels pretty good.  I am truly blessed. 

My family and friends are the most important people in my life. They are always there for me and support me through whatever it is that I may be faced with. I graduated from Panther Valley High School in 2003 while accomplishing many worthwhile endeavors that I am still proud of. From freshman through senior year I was a member of the forensics team at my school; I competed in Original Oratory and made it to national competition all four years of my high school career. During my junior year I even placed fifth in the state with my original speech about angels.  While being on the speech and debate team I was not only successful with my speeches but I also was inspired by my ninth grade Language Arts teacher and coach, Mrs. Walsh.  Mrs. Walsh taught me that a teacher is not only a person that assigns homework but that a teacher can also be your friend.  And when you need them the most, they’ll be there for you.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I lost my grandmother.  There would be times I would attempt to make it through practice and instead, Mrs. Walsh and I would just sit, talk, and cry together.  When I was unsure of myself before a competition, scared and nervous, Mrs. Walsh would be the one to pull me to the side and tell me the words I needed to hear.  “You can do this and remember your angel is right here with you, make her proud!” 

I was also a drummer in the high school marching band, which is something I have missed since graduation – so for the past four years, I have been a member and current Vice President of the Panther Valley Band Booster Organization.  I am also known as the Voice of the Panther Valley Band! 

There are many more things to know about me.  Whether it is my fetish with children’s books, my pair of shoes to go with nearly every outfit I own, the love I have for children and learning, or the pride that I take in myself and my family, but no matter what it is, it’s me.