Behavior Policy

In my classroom we have something called a Behavior Board, where all students are given three tokens to start each day. I feel every student should have the opportunity to begin the day with a fresh new start, so that even when they have a bad day, they know better days are ahead.

If students break classroom rules frequently, disobey school policy, or do something he or she should not be doing then students will lose tokens.
If students lose
 1 token it’s a warning
 2 tokens is a loss of recess time
3 tokens is a note sent home to parent/guardian to be signed and returned, a phone call, or both depending upon the severity of the action.

On a more positive note… if a student keeps all three tokens at the end of the day the student will then get to add a sticker to their sticker chart. Once the student collects five stickers, that student will then be awarded a prize. Stickers carry over from week to week so everyone has a fair chance to earn prizes.       

I try to promote positive behavior in my classroom.