Gobble Up Healthy Food                          July Issue # 1

Creative Learner / Curious Thinker

SSRW: Aa, Bb, Cc, DdMath: Shapes, Colors                         Science: Parts of the face & body/5 SensesLanguage/Social Studies: Places, Things & People in school/Daily Schedule/Daily RoutineEnglish: Verbs & NounsFilipino: Gamit, Silid, at Gawain sa Paaralan, Hugis at KullayWriting: Vertical Line & Slat lineHelp Me Be Good: Being lazy & Being ForgetfulFitness Program: Hearty Fun

Eager Explorer / Playful Artist

Letters: Aa & BbNumbers: 1 & 2 / Big & Small / Long & ShortShape: CircleColor: RedScience: Parts of the face & bodyLanguage/Social Studies: Places & Things in SchoolFine Motor: Clay & PuzzlesHelp Me Be Good: Being Lazy & Being ForgetfulFitness Program: Hearty Fun
 From the desk of Teacher Yvette…Dear Families,Greeting from your child’s second home! JJuly is National Nutrition Month. The focus is to look at the importance of Go, Glow and Grow Food. For this, I am inviting all moms to join our “Cooking with Mom” activity. Please fill in the form below the date and time you are coming to prepare simple snacks for our kids so we could adjust our lessons on that day. Thank you so much and I am hoping for your full cooperation to make this activity fun and nutritious for your children.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Child’s Name: __________________________ Level: _______________  Snack to prepare: _______________ Time: ____________ Date: ______  
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What’s Happening                                            Cooking with Mom23         Release of School Shirt and IDs26         All CBLC Kids in complete uniform30         Acquaintance Party (9am – 12pm)            NO MORE CLASSES                   **Please wear any costume. 

 Looking Ahead…

                     Buwan ng Wika26    1st PTC (8am -12pm)        NO CLASSES27    General Practice(8am – 12pm)28    Buwan ng Wika Program  (4pm)  30    No Classes (Rest Day)    *** Prepare any Filipiniana Costume and slippers for the girls. Red pants (pajama style), red bandana, slippers and camisa chino for the boys.
  Consultation Period:   3:00 - 4:00 pm (Mon - Fri)                               For Concerns & Querries

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Mobile Number: 0916 760 3434

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Happy Birthday to you!

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Do Not Forget1. Attention: ALL Moms For our Cooking with Mom, please inform us the time and date you want to visit us to prepare snacks in class. - J 2. Please sign all reply slips, Parent Letters and Newsletters to let us know that you read and understood everything. 3.  For those who haven’t submitted their Health Kit and pictures yet, kindly bring it tomorrow. 4. Please bring 2 extra towels labeled with your child’s name every day. JParents’ daily checklist1.  Check your child’s folder daily2.  Sign and return reply slips. (If any)3.  Check the homework calendar.4.  Check your child’s HSN.5.  Read to your child for 15 minutes.6.  Check Classroom News.7.  Ask your child what happened in school. 
"Just because a child does not bring home something in his hand. It does not mean that he did not bring home something in his head"    - Anonymous