11 Sleep Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

You're turning in bed. You can't get to sleep. In the meantime, you can see it becoming 2.00 ... Then it is already 3.00. A little later, you fall asleep anyway. For a moment, because the alarm will ring shortly afterward. Slept badly again! We all suffer from this from time to time. What should you do if you can't sleep? With these 11 sleeping tips, you will soon be in dreamland tonight.

With these sleeping tips, you will sleep well!

Unfortunately, a good night's sleep is not self-evident for everyone. Many people suffer from sleeping problems such as insomnia. Sleeping on a suitable mattress and in a bedroom that suits you perfectly will help you fall asleep better. But of course, there are more things you can do! That is why we give you 11 simple sleeping tips to sleep faster and better.

Sleep tip 1: the duller, the better

Only when you go to bed relaxed, do you rest well. That is why we do not recommend going to sleep immediately after exercising or working. The calmer the hours before going to bed, the calmer you will sleep and wake up more rested. For a good night's sleep, the following applies to the duller, the better!

Sleep tip 2: cool nights

Made sure your bedroom is new and ventilated. Open your window, for example. But you have a curtain in front because, in a dark room, you fall asleep faster. Do not leave the heating in the evening. The temperature is about 15 degrees, the ideal sleeping temperature. It will even help you wake up earlier when your body temperature is too hot or too cold.

Sleep tip 3: listen to your body

All bodies are different, and all sleep differently. This is why it is important to ensure that your body needs a mattress, topper, and pillow. Your neck and shoulders should be well supported. Don't you hear about that? Complete the spring box guide or read it! You are also always welcome to learn exactly what your wishes and needs are in one of our stores.

Sleep tip 4: time to relax

Try relaxing one hour before sleeping with a book or a warm bath. Or something else that brings you absolute relief. (We don't mean watching a movie or scrolling on your mobile forever, see also Tip 10 for sleep).

Sleep tip 5: be active

Active people sleep better. That is why it is good to exercise more. Consider cycling, swimming, walking, or jogging. But (note tip 1) don't do this just before going to sleep, at least two hours in advance.

Sleep tip 6: get that topper

You have to take good care of real toppers. And this time, we are not talking about you, but about the topper, you sleep on ;-) Only when you are comfortable you can sleep well. Therefore, turn your topper (or mattress) when changing your bed. This way, it stays in top condition, you prevent pit formation, and you lie better.

Sleep tip 7: a power nap or not?

Regularity guarantees sleep for a good night. Try and relax as well as possible at the same time. Power naps may help you get through the day, but they also risk disturbing the rhythm of your sleep. During the day, can't you do without your power nap? Then make it the ideal nap of strength!

Sleep tip 8: guilty pleasures

Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol adversely affect your sleeping habits. It takes more effort for you to fall asleep, and you sleep more restlessly.

Sleep tip 9: stimulate your sense of smell

Spread a relaxing aroma in the room. Use incense sticks, a special oil, or a fragrance dispenser for this. Lavender, sage, and sandalwood are scents that have been proven to have a calming effect.

Sleep tip 10: go offline

Are you in your bedroom with a TV, computer, or laptop? This induces restlessness. Therefore, it is advised that you put it in another location. Furthermore, it is not advisable to use the phone right before going to sleep. Not only the electric waves but also the light affect your sleep. Make sure you have ample sunshine in the day and restrict the artificial light at night. Dim the lights an hour before you go to bed, if possible.

Sleep tip 11: quality vs. quantity

Quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, it is not about how many hours you sleep, but how well you spend those hours. Therefore, do not focus on the time on the clock. This only causes unrest in your head.

Why is good sleep important?

Good and enough sleep is important to function properly during the day. With a good night's sleep, you can rest physically and mentally and wake up-fit. That way, you perform better, and you are ready every day to make your dreams come true.

We all know that poor sleep is frustrating and annoying. But it is also very unhealthy! You quickly feel vulnerable and weak, and you are more sensitive to illnesses. Your sleep also affects your health during the day. A bad night's sleep affects the part of your brain that is responsible for making choices. With little sleep, you're more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks and hang out on the couch instead of exercising. Time to do something about it! Hopefully, our sleeping tips can help you with this.

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