Eng Quest





Each response should be written with well thought out, complete and proper sentences, grammar, punctuation and spelling.


1.      Text

a.       Title (use proper capitalization)

b.      Genre

c.       Tone

d.      Mood

e.       What is the Point of View of the narrator and how does this affect the story being told?

f.       When was the work published or written?

g.      How does knowing the publication date add to the understanding of the text?

h.      Author’s purpose: inform, persuade, etc. Explain.

i.        What literary elements are used (personification, flashback, foreshadow, allegory, metaphor, etc)?

j.        Voice: Is this active or passive? Give 2 examples.

2.      Author

a.       Who is the author?

b.      Why do you think the author wrote this text?

c.       Does the author expound any particular philosophy?

d.      Find information about the author. Tell this information in 100 to 150 words.

3.      Summarize the text in 50-75 words.

4.      Plot (Telling the story in sequential order)

a.       Exposition

b.      Conflict

c.       Rising Action

d.      Climax

e.       Falling Action

f.       Denouement

5.      Sequencing: Is story in Chronological, Order of Importance, Spatial Order, Cause & Effect, or Problem & Solution order. Give 2 examples.

6.      Main Idea (Theme): State the main idea.

a.       Was it directly stated or implied? Give example.

b.      List the supporting details


                                                              i.      Who


                                                            ii.      What


                                                          iii.      When


                                                          iv.      Where


                                                            v.      Why


                                                          vi.      How

7.      Characterization: Protagonist

a.       Who is the Protagonist?

b.      Is the Pro round, flat, dynamic, static?

c.       Describe the Pro’s traits?

d.      How does the author reveal these traits?

e.       What motive does the Pro have?

f.       How does the Pro change over time?

g.      What events or people lead to the Pro’s change?

h.      Do you agree with the Pro’s actions? Why?

i.        What if the Pro were of a different race or culture?

8.      Characterization: Antagonist

a.       Who is the Antagonist?

b.      Is the Ant round, flat, dynamic, static?

c.       Describe the Ant’s traits?

d.      How does the author reveal these traits?

e.       What motive does the Ant have?

f.       How does the Ant change over time?

g.      Do you agree with the Ant’s actions? Why?

h.      What if the Ant were of a different race or culture?

9.      Setting

a.       Where did the story take place?

b.      When did the story take place?

c.       Social, Political, & Cultural Conditions

d.      What is the historical context of the story?

e.       How is the setting important to the story?

10.  Analysis:

a.       Who receives the most attention? Why?

b.      What types of relationships exist in the work?

c.       What stereotypes of characters are present? Are characters oversimplified? Weak? Foolish? Excessively naïve? Independent? Powerless or strong? Explain your answers.

d.      How do females interact with others?

e.       Who are the most powerful people in the text?

f.       Who are the most powerless people in the text

g.      Is there class struggle and conflict?

h.      Are there any persuasive strategies, including propaganda, in the text?

i.        List and discuss at least one textual archetype.

j.        What symbols are used? What do they represent?

11.  Restructuring

a.       What changes would you make to resolve the text?

b.      How would you improve the text?

c.       How would you adapt this story to a setting in modern day Maplesville, Alabama?

d.      Are there contradictions in the text?

e.       Write a different conclusion in 50 – 60 words

12.  Research

a.       Find 5 historical events that occurred within 10 years of the work being published. List in chronological order and give an explanation of each.

b.      Find 3 good sources to aid in research with this text. List in APA or MLA format.  [Google, Wikipedia, Cliff Notes, and Spark Notes are not correct answers!!!]

c.       How is this story related to others in the same time period?  

13.  Evaluation

a.       What is the best line or phrase in the text? Why?

b.      Is this story plausible? Why?

c.       Associate this story with any real-life experiences you have had or know of.

d.      In your opinion, is this a good story? Why? Why not?

e.       What connections are there between this work and other selections you have read?

f.       Would you like to read something else by this author? Why? Why not?

14.  Thesis

a.       Write a 3-5 point thesis statement.

b.      Write an introductory paragraph for an essay.

15.  Grammar: For each, write a sentence from the selected work containing each of the following, then circle the word (DO TWO FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING)

a.       Proper Noun

b.      Compound Noun

c.       Collective Noun

d.      Nominative Pronoun

e.       Objective Pronoun

f.       Possessive Pronoun

g.      Action Verb

h.      Linking Verb

i.        Helping Verb

j.        Gerund

k.      Infinitive

l.        Participle

m.    Descriptive Words

16.  Fact and Opinion:

a.       Fact: List 2 facts presented in the text

b.      Opinion: List 2 opinion presented in the text

17.  Alphabetizing: Put the first 25 words in the text in alphabetical order.

18.  Thesaurus Work: Select 5 words from the text then locate them in a thesaurus. List 5 alternative words for each word selected.