Proposal Form

Semester Project Proposal Guidelines  

This is a suggested "shell" for your proposal. Expected length is about 2-3 pages long.  

1 Project titlePlease give your project a title. This can change as you proceed. 

2 Project summaryPlease provide a quick summary of your project here. Write one or two paragraphs explaining your goals and objectives. This is an overview of your project. It is WHAT you want to do. 

3 Motivation for the projectProvide details and thoughts on why this project is of interest to you. Write one or two paragraphs explaining this is of interest to you. This is WHY you desire to do this specific project. 

4 ApproachHow you plan to approach the problem. This should be a longish section. This is HOW you are going to do this project? 

5 TimelineProvide a timeline for your project, broken down by week up to the due date (or your projected completion date if earlier). This is WHEN you plan to work on this project and be finished. 

6 ResourcesProvide a list of what sources (resources) you plan to use in your research. This is the specific titles of books, journal articles, magazine articles, web sites, interviews, et cetera. This is your working bibliography and will change and develop as you proceed with your project.