Sociology Test 7 - 25Feb2011

Sociology Test

Week 7: Cooley, Mead, Goffman


Answer each of the following in complete sentences.

  1. What makes us who we are? What exactly is the self?
  2. What is the difference between nature and nurture?
  3. Give an example of both nature and nurture.
  4. Discuss the findings of Harry Harlow with his primate studies. Give a well thought through answer with examples.
  5. What is sociobiology?
  6. How is sociobiology useful helping explain human behavior and habits?
  7. Explain Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self.” Be sure to state and explain the three phases of development that Cooley discussed.
  8. Using Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self,” explain how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you as well.
  9. Explain Mead’s theory of the “self.” Be sure to state and explain the three stages of development that Mead discussed.
  10. Define egocentric.
  11. In what ways are you egocentric? Why do you think you are egocentric? How can you overcome this?
  12. Explain Mead’s concept of “Generalized Other.” Define it and give an example.
  13. Explain Erving Goffman’s “Presentation of the Self.” What does it all mean? Give an example also.
  14. Using Goffman’s “Dramaturgical Approach,” how do you live out the “drama” of life every day? In what ways are you the actor / actress on the stage performing a role?
  15. List the four stages that Piaget theorized?

Have a great weekend!!!