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The Art Syllabus is posted below.   When you have read it, please send me an email from your parent's email address  stating that you have read the art syllabus.     Thank you.

 Cedar Ridge Middle School       Art Syllabus 2011-2012     Visual Arts MYP      Teacher – Ms. Warren


I.         Course Description

The Alabama Course of Study for the Visual Arts, grades 6-8, determines the content and objectives of the course.  Students will use a variety of media as they learn techniques to create two and three dimensional art work.  In addition to learning to use the vocabulary of the elements of art and to employ principles of design, they will learn about aesthetics and how to critique art works.  As they evaluate art works of different cultures, styles and movements in art and history, they will learn how the visual arts impact culture, society, and the global community in an increasingly technological world. 

Lesson objectives will be achieved through hands-on activities and assignments, graphic organizers, written and verbal analysis of art work, art vocabulary, demonstrations, PowerPoint and web presentations, videos, and visual displays of posters and objects. 

 Cedar Ridge Middle School is an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) Structured school.  Guided by rubrics which describe superior, acceptable, inferior and deficient levels of development, student projects will be assessed according to the following IB MYP Visual Arts Assessment Criteria:

Criterion A:  Knowledge and understanding of art content, forms, and processes.

Criterion B:  Application of art-making skills and techniques.

Criterion C:  Reflection and evaluation evidenced in written or oral comments or critiques.

Criterion D:  Artistic awareness and personal engagement seen through positive attitudes of self-motivation, initiative, commitment, cooperation and helpfulness.

Stated criteria will direct students in working on major production assignments; rubrics will be used to assess on how well students meet the goals and criteria for the projects.  In addition to projects, grades will be affected by quizzes, worksheets, class work as well as behaviors that evidence attitudes such as initiative, cooperation, or care and conservation of supplies.

  1. Supplies

Students will need one 1" three ring binder with a supply of notebook paper (about 50 sheets), and #2 pencils.  The notebook will be used for class notes and sketches, as well as a place to store all other assignments, quizzes, and worksheets.  The notebook and pencil will be kept in the student’s drawer in the art room. 

  1. Content

 The content of this course will include the following topics:

     A. Art Production:

  • Drawing:  line, shading, texture, value, perspective
  • Painting:  tempera, water color
  • Print-making:  stamping, stencils,
  • Sculpture:  paper-mache, assemblage, clay
  • Crafts:   weaving

     B. Art-Fundamental Background Knowledge:

  • Elements of Art:  line, shape, space, form, color, texture, and value
  • Principles of Design:  rhythm, pattern, variety, emphasis, harmony, balance, unity, proportion, movement
  • The fundamental parts of an art work: subject, composition, and content
  • Aesthetics:  identifying the clues within works that can be used to appreciate an artwork’s special and important aesthetic value, to understand the nature of this value, and to defend judgments made about it
  • Art Criticism:  describing, interpreting, analyzing and judging works of art
  • Art History:  knowledge about the contributions artists and art make to culture and society
  1. Text Books and Instructional Publications
  • Introducing Art, Glencoe
  • Exploring Art, Glencoe
  • Understanding Art, Glencoe
  • Art:  Images and Ideas, Davis
  • Scholastic Art magazine
  1. ARI and AMSTI

 As part of the Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI), Cedar Ridge Middle School has the honor of being a Literacy Demonstration Site.  As a result, the faculty and staff have made a deep commitment to enhancing reading.  Teachers place considerable emphasis on the acquisition and development of successful reading strategies for every student.  These techniques will be consistently reinforced throughout the school.

Cedar Ridge Middle School has been a part of the Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative (AMSTI) since 2003.  It is an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to teaching math and science and research shows it also improves student reading proficiency.  Activities in art class support the goals of both the ARI and AMSTI.

  1. Accommodations

Requests for accommodations, for this course or any school event, are welcome from the student or his/her parents.  Parents of a student with a 504 Plan who do not agree with the decisions or actions regarding their child’s identification, evaluation, education program or placement, may request an impartial hearing by contacting Dr. Beth Weinbaum.


Seventh grade students may join Cedar Ridge’s creative art club known as Invictus.  Dues are $35 per semester and are not refundable.  Invictus meets regularly.  Once a student joins Invictus, he or she must attend meetings and complete artworks in a timely manner.  A student may be dropped from Invictus for neglecting attendance, failing to follow guidelines or instructions, or for poor work habits.

 My e-mail address is:    To facilitate communication, please email me from your parent's email address when you have read the syllabus. Thank you.