Biology Week1

Let's learn about the basic unit of life:  the cell.  In this week you will explore the functions of cells as well as identify them using the microscope. Below are your assignments:

1. read ch1.1 and complete Lesson1 Review Questions

2. Complete WB1 

3. read ch1.2 and complete Lesson 2 Review Questions

4.  Complete WB2

5. Fill out and complete a diagram of an animal cell and plant cell.  You may need to use the internet to help you.

Prepare for next week - If you have time, Create flash cards identifying the important role each function does.  12 terms total.  Example:  one side of flash card "nucleus", other side of flash card "control center of the cell" *If not, we will begin this next week.

Any assignments not finished, please complete over the weekend and turn in early next week.