Biology Week3

Biology this week:

This week you will be wrapping up the Basic Unit of Life Chapter.  This is the Testing week to show what you have learned.

1.  Please get with a partner and study the functions of a cell as well as identifying the parts of a cell using your colored pictures.

2.  Complete the Chapter 1 Review on pg 22 and 23.  #1-20

3.  Cell Cookie Test.  You will be making a cell cookie based on what you know.  You will be graded for correctness.  If you pass, then you will get the opportunity to eat your cookie.

4.  Complete Chapter 1 Test

5.  Open research - pick something you are passionate about and begin researching about this topic.  As you finish early in the coming weeks, you will have time to continue researching this topic.

Any assignments not finished, please complete over the weekend and turn in early next week.