Parent Press

Welcome Back or just Welcome to Walton High School !

     My name is Wyndy Crozier and I am your child's Science teacher. Here is a little about me:

     Although my husband (of 27 years) is still living in Central Florida as is my daughter, and my son is beginning his 2nd year of Florida State(Environmental Science Degree), we are relocating to Walton County. My mom was born here, in the Walton County area and I spent childhood summers here with my cousins, aunts, uncles and beloved grandparents.  It seems as if the economy is even more depressed in Central Florida, so my family is trying to be very patient in waiting for our house to sell. Once it does, we will build a house on my parent's property in Darlington where I am currently living. I desperately miss my husband, daughter and son.

     I am a 13 year National Board Certified teacher. I have worked in the elementary, middle and high school settings. I have a Bacelor's Degree in Elementary Education, a Mastor's Degree in Varying Exceptionalities, grades K-12, and am working on my 2nd Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. I will complete and graduate with my 2nd Master's Degree in June of 2011. I am certified in English Speakers of other Languages grades K-12, Middle School Integrated Curriculum grades 5-9, and Gifted, Grades K-12.

     I absolutely love kids. I am so excited to work with your child(ren) and am always open and available to any questions, concerns or comments that you may have. Please be sure to check this web-site for information and then e-mail me. I will contact you as soon as I possibly can. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your child and look forward to a very exciting school year.

Mrs. Crozier, NBCT

Supplies Needed:

Paper Towels


12 to 16 oz cleaned cans

Antibacterial Handsoap

Used Magazines

Empty spray bottles


Alka Seltzer Tabs