Math Links

RESOURCES: (Print free graph paper.) (Print free graph paper.) (Online graphing calculator) (online scientific calculator)

MATH HELP: (Solve practice problems)   (Mostly Algebra 1 and younger.)   (Interactive. Allows you to solve math problems.)   (This site has actual videos with explanations. You can also create practice worksheets here.)  (Many different topics and grade levels. Scroll down to see the list.)   (Many teachers recommend this one. Covers lots of topics and grade levels. Examples and practice.) (OK, this site is not really a math site, but it is really cool and kinda relates.) (interactive simulations for MANY topics.)   (Examples solved.) (WOW--lots of stuff here. Videos, PowerPoints, etc, etc.) (Interactive with online manipulatives.) (Click on the "math" link. There are links for all levels through even calculus.) (Help with various math topics by video. Multiple teachers for each lesson. (Even many in Spanish.)) (Automatically answer most common algebra and calculus equations. You can also graph solutions.)

TEST PREP:  (Information to prepare for the ACT. There are practice problems as well.)  (Prep for the New York Regents tests. These are course exit exams for the state of New York. Very useful for other states as well.) (this is suggestions for teachers but can be used for students) (some online MME sample problems) (to purchase a full length Applied Math Practice test for $4.50) (FREE full length ACT practice test) (Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) Free Test-Prep/Tutorial Resources) (MME Hot Topics: Mathematics) (On-line ACT MME Resources) (WorkKeys Formula Sheet) (Summary of topics as well as practice for ACT prep.)