Week of Dec. 7-11


6th grade-WS One step subtraction equations, quiz in class today, Number Sense Project due Thursday, Dec. 17 (or before)

7th A Pre Algebra-WS Word Problem Inequalities

7th B-Test in class one step Equations-solve, graph, check, Riddle WS

8th grade-Page 349-351 4-41



6th grade-Multiply One Step Equations WS

7th A Pre Algebra-WB 8-1 Functions

7th B- WB 4-4 2 step equations, odd only in Skills Workbook,  all of Word Problems

8th grade-WB 7-7, 7-8 Skills, Surface Area Formula Quiz on Wednesday           


6th grade-WS One Step Dividing Equations, Quiz tomorrow

7th A Pre Algebra- WB 8-2 (1-9)

7th B-WS 2 step Equations, quiz tomorrow

8th grade-page 363-366 (10-37)  Test Tomorrow



6th grade-Intramurals-finish Quiz Friday, work on Project

7th A Pre Algebra-Riddle WS Linear Equations

7th Pre B-Versatiles WS in class

8th grade-Page 368-369



6th grade-quiz and corrections in class

7th A Pre Algebra WB 8-3

7th B Riddle WS 2 step equations

8th grade-  Test Corrections  in class, Analyze Stain Glass Project