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Team/Classroom Procedures:

1.     Seating Arrangement:

-          seating is assigned

2.     Procedure for Entering the Class:

-          place personal items under desk

-          read the board

-          immediately begin warm-up activity

-          visiting with friends should be limited

3.     Procedure when Leaving the Class:

-          leave only when the teacher dismisses the class

4.     Procedures for Going to the Restroom/Water Fountain:   (other than scheduled breaks)

-          ask for permission

-          take the pass, sign out and back in

-          quietly leave and return to the class

5.     Format for Heading Papers:

-          include complete name and date on the first line, the assignment and class on the second line

-          use name boxes when available

6.     Procedures for Turning in complete Assignments:

-          have all materials ready to be turned in upon entering the class, no going back to lockers

-          put papers in the appropriate homework baskets according to the teacher’s directions

7.     Procedure for Making Up Work:

-          check with the teacher for make up quizzes and major grades

-          it is YOUR responsibility to see what you missed and get it turned in

-          all work must be made up within 3 days after the absence

8.     What do I do if I forget something in my locker?

-          borrow; ask permission to share

9.     Procedure for grading your own papers

-          all pencils on the floor

-          red pens out on desks

-          do not discuss your grades with classmates

10. Procedure for “Lights Out”

-          stop what you are doing (mouths closed)

-          look at the teacher

-          listen carefully for next instructions

11. What do I do if I receive a grade below 75?

-          plan a time to stay for tutoring

-          pay attention in class when the teacher is reviewing answers

-          ask about questions you didn’t understand

-          discuss grade with parents and review at home

12. What do I do if my neighbor is bothering me?

-          ignore the person

-          ask politely for the person to stop

-          tell the person firmly to stop

-          move away from the situation

-          get help from an adult

13. How You Can Contribute to a Positive Classroom Environment:

-          talk politely to others

-          keep your work area neat

-          pick up after yourself

-          listen to the speaker (teachers or classmates)

-          keep your hands to yourself

-          only write on appropriate papers

I have read and understand the procedures for this class.

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