Unit One - Colors

The students will learn primary, secondary, warm, and cool colors. They will then create a color wheel.

Unit Two - Spiders

The students will learn about spiders for the Halloween season. They will learn to cut and paste in this assignment. They will create a pop up spider on a web.

Unit Three - Snowman

The students will learn about the seasons and make this for the Holiday season. They will learn cutting, pasting, and use their color knowledge to create their very own snowmen from their imagination.

Unite Four - Chinese New Year

The students will learn about their new years and then learn about the Chinese New Year. They will watch videos on the celebrations and then create a dragon piece to celebrate this holiday.

Unit Five - Treasure Maps

The students will learn about directions on a compass. They will create a treasure map of their very own and correctly make a compass with the directions on it. They will use their imagination to create places to travel to and indicate the difference between land and water.