Homless Bird


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In Homeless Bird, Koly's life changes a lot.Such as leaving home,marrying a stranger at 13,and being neglected by her sass.Also, after she gets there her husband dies and things get worse.Then to makes things EVEN WORSE her sister in law, Chandra gets married leaving her to do all the work. Koly keeps looking for a way out,her sass stole her widows pension and there is no way for her to get money.Then one day Sassur comes home early and goes to lay down, only moments later does koly finds out that he died in his sleep.Sass was devastated at the lost of her husband and son that it was almost too much to take. She takes it out on Koly, who she doesn't even want in her house any more.Sass tells her family about her bad fortune and her brother agrees to let her stay with him but he doesn't want Koly to come. Sass thinks up an idea and takes Koly with her to the city.When they get there sass tells Koly to get some food for them and gives her fiftey rupees. Koly is amazed at how much money sass trusted her with but when she got back with the food sass was no where to found. Sass began to worry,she searched every where.Tears came to her eyes because she knew that her sass had set her up and she was all alone in the city.She ate her food trying to think about what she would do.She asked a 16 year old boy named Raji to help and he had sympathy on her and told her that after work he would come to get her. While he