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Welcome!  Below you will find a list of homework for your class.  All homework is due the following day unless otherwise specified.  If you are absent for any reason, you can make up your work, however, you only have the same number of days that you were absent to make it up.  For example, if you miss 3 days, then you have 3 days to make up your work.


Algebra 1


Geometry P

11/14   Linear Eaquations Review Worksheet and Test corrections are due on 11/16

11/15    In class worksheet 7.6.  No Homework.

11/16    Returned incomplete 7.6 worksheets.  They will be due tomorrow in addition to today's assignment, "Writing Linear Equations" Worksheet. 

11/17    Test DAY!  Homework: Page 340 "Check the skills you need" 1-7  Need Graph Paper!!

11/18     Page343 1-12  Need Graph Paper!!


11/14  Page 231 1-8


11/15  6.1 Worksheet Due Thurs


11/16  2 Triangle inequalities worksheets

11/17  Test Day!! Algebra Review: Page 237 1-14

11/18  Page 243 1-17,  21-27

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