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Understand that landscape design merges the important parts of science and art to make an aesthetically pleasing, functional extension of living indoor to the outdoors. Check that it is an important part of California Landscape Company or landscape architecture and permits design and space to reproduce creativity. Totally a man made workout, the reason of landscape design is to merge technology with the attractive nature. To turn into a professional landscape designer one should have a working acquaintance of art elements as well as principles of design.

The field of architecture, Commercial Landscape Maintenance and design has a special value. Different parts of art contain but are not bound to line, color, form, scale and texture. These parts aren’t fully independent of each other, but their personal natures must be dealt with complete care earlier than thinking about the interactions.


Landscape design from Commercial Landscaping Companies is a multi-penalizing field, together with its fold mathematics, engineering, science, technology, art, politics, social sciences, philosophy, history. Line, color, texture, form and scale are some tools that are utilized in mixtures to adjust landscape design. Principles of the design contain balance, unity, focalization, transition, rhythm, proportion, simplicity and repetition. These all important principles interrelate to yield the planned design of landscape.

The designer mainly works on:

  • The scale, form and citing of latest developments
  • Greenways, public parks, theme parks, golf courses and sports facilities
  • Industrial parks, housing areas and business developments
  • Town, urban design, city squares, as well as pedestrian schemes
  • Small or large schemes of urban regeneration
  • Tourist, forest or historic landscapes, conservation studies and historic garden appraisal
  • Landscape assessment and Environmental assessment, planning suggestion and proposals of land management through Commercial Landscape Contractors.
  • Offshore and coastal developments

The major steps in the designs of landscape are:

  • Make a perfect plot plan.
  • Do analysis of a site
  • Assess family desires and needs
  • Find areas of activity
  • Areas of design activity
  • Plant placement and selection

Some important design in landscape:

Unity is gained by the efficient use of parts in a design to articulate a major idea throughout constant style. It is highlighted by uniformity of character between different units in the landscape. Utilization of different elements to articulate a particular theme within different units makes harmony in the process of Commercial Landscape Design.

Balance is even required. It recommends to the equality or equilibrium of visual desirability. Balanced steadiness is gained when one particular side of the design is an image of another side. There is a distinctive line between the two different sides. Forms, equal lines, colors or textures are on each side of a symmetrical design of landscape.

Colors are merged into different color schemes for realistic applications of Residential Landscaping Services. Three fundamental color schemes are analogous, complementary and monochromatic. A scheme of monochromatic color comprises of different shades and tints of one color and is rarely gained in its pure type in the attractive landscape design.