Global Connection

Alphabet Exchange


The alphabet exchange is a program where 26 classes from all over the United States sign up make a 26 of one letter.  They then mail their letter to the other 25 classes along with a letter and/or pictures about their class, school and state.  


It was fun seeing how each class decided to decorate their letters.  The students enjoyed learning about students all over the United States.  We were able to compare our class to the other classes.  It was also fun to see all the different ways students get to school.  There are a few downfalls with this program.  As you can see by the slides show, there are letters missing.  Some teachers were unable or did not finish or send out their letter.  The second was that it coast more than I thought to send out our letter to the other classes.  Next year I would like to try this again however I would like to add a digital spin on it.  I would like to set up a google slide and have each class add their letter and information to one slide that way it would eliminate the coast involved of mailing out the letters.