Homework Page


Your child is now a second grader! How exciting, but this also comes with responsibility. We would like to see your child achieve all that they can and one way to foster this is through homework. You child may say "I did nothing in school today," but in reality, they were exposed to many new concepts, lessons and ideas. The best way you can stay involved as parents is to check over the homework to see what they should be able to accomplish independently. Hoework is also a great tool for reinforcing skilld and concepts, so if they are explaining the homework to you, they are aiding in their own comprehension.


Make a Space

The routine of doing homework is often overlooked. Designating a formal space (even if it's the kitchen table!) that is only set out for their homework provides your child a sense of ownership and pride. If you tools (pencils, papers etc) in an organized way they tend to feel very grown up and establish good routines early on. Having you in close proximity is helpful for many, but some may prefer the solitude of their own space. Either way, be sure to look over their work when they are through, this shows your value and investment in them and the time they dedicated. You may correct a few things, yet it's also necessary for us to see what they need to work on, so refrain from correcting everything and thus undermining their confidence.


Panda Book

Your child's homework will come home each and every night in their black and white "panda book" (it has a panda on the cover). They are to complete each night's task and bring the book back to school each day. The cycle of assignments is as follows:

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays   Thursdays
Snake math Word Work Kakooma   Reader's Response


Your child will glue in the new assignments on Mondays at school so they have the homework ready to go for the week. This way if you have a particularly busy week, or something on a certain day you may choose to do it ahead of time. Please let us know if something comes up, or if homework becomes a struggle. We can offer guidance with that.

Thank you for your support!