My Classroom Website

     Welcome to my class!  I feel great about teaching you all this year!  I am glad to be in Edna High School, not only because it was my alma mater but because this school is the BOMB!  Laughing

     This year my sole purpose is to help YOU pass the TAKS tests so you all can graduate and move on to bigger and better things!

     I am here for you all year starting from the FIRST day of school to the LAST day of school!

     This website is to help you by giving you links you can access at home to help study for the TAKs test, complete homework assignments or projects.  I want you to have EVERY opportunity out there!

     I am a firm believer that if you want it bad enough it will come to you.  Remember, in life its all about YOU, and you must watch out for YOURSELF!  You won't always have people there to help and guide you in the right direction, and even though you have all the friends and family in the world, THEY can't pass this test for you and THEY can't graduate for you...YOU must do it and YOU CAN!!!  Cool